Our favourites from Stockholm Design Week ’15




With four days in Stockholm during the middle of winter for Stockholm Design Week, we wanted to present a finished list of our top choices of shops, cafe's and where to eat.


Arriving on a Saturday, our lovely friends brought us to Sturekatten – a two storey apartment in Ostermalm complete with all types of bulles and buns, traditional as the old days with some chintz and heavier furniture. With the clock coming close to six, our only option of finding a warm bar closed in on us and we surrounded the last empty table at the super trendy Mikkeller – one of the many brewery bars opened by a Maths and Physics teacher who was experimenting with hops of all sorts in his home. Coming from England, this was definitely the poshest way we had drunk beer. An elegant, sherry-sized glass of golden stuff went down really well with a fat garlic and jalapeño swedish sausage.


Dinner followed at Speceriet – a sort of backdoor bistro of the restaurant Gastrologik – small and intimate with some incredible dishes (menu in link) that were so powerful in flavour that we were left feeling a bit overwhelmed (Sweden does take its produce very seriously and you can actually taste how organic everything is). Stuffed as we were, we didn't stop to rest and proceeded to trendy number two, the famous bar and dance floor in Sodermalm, Marie Laveau.


Sunday morning was then spent brunching at Nytorget 6, also in Sodermalm, where we consumed one of the tenderest burgers we've had. Across the street was Urban Deli – a great spot for taking away a local bread and cheese (at this point we were obsessed with bread, the darker the better). Sliding down the icy road we passed Acne Studios, turned the corner and walked into one of our favourite shops in Stockholm, Grandpa – offering fashion, objects and general coolness, including an international harvester refrigerator.

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Monday morning we rose early and made a somewhat Viking inspired breakfast from all the bread we had brought; Kavring (the Pilsner beer variety) had first place. So on the tunnelbana we went, across the bridge from Sodermalm to Ostermalm, with Asplund as our first shop stop – a typical design store that represented all the great classics of Western design, not dissimilar in shape and form to London's Skandium. Next was something more archetypical of what I imagined a Swedish design store to be – the grand and beautiful interior specialists Svenskt Tenn. The words “DELHI by Josef Frank” reflected the water across the street. Inside we found cushions, curtains, bedspreads and sideboards, upholstered in large, beautiful prints, that were nothing short of art – palm leaves, roots and skyscapes in bold colours.


Grandpa – offers fashion, objects and general coolness – including an international harvester refrigerator.

Herr Judit – a second-hand vintage shop with some really nice pieces – there's a branch for him, her and another one for objects and jewellery. 

Pub – reminds me of Fenwicks in the sense that it is a more considered department store with a smaller footprint. The top floor is being renovated, but used to have design.

Granit– Is much like a Swedish Muji – very affordable too. Nice for standard grey, felt cushions and such.


Designfirman – an independent shop in Gamla Stan, the old town with cobbled streets. Trendy objects that are decorative and personal accessories. 

Plan ett – oddly laid out, but well stocked – furniture and accessories that are in trend from local and international designers.

NK department Store – Stockholm's Harrods or Selfridges equivalent department store with everything in it – including a floor for design brands like HAY, and a floor for more conventional homewares.

Lagerhaus – a somewhat high-street IKEA – very affordable (by Swedish standards)  stock of everyday stuff (made in China of-course).

Illums Bolighus – three floors with a main focus on Danish designers – a mix of fashion, product and homewares.

Nordiska Galleriet – an international design shop with a main focus on Nordic design

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PUB – department store – Stockholm


Breakfast of Vikings

Breakfast of Vikings

Supercool shop – Grandpa – in Sodermalm


photo 4

Home of ACNE


photo 2-1

More poor mans bread at Meatballs for the People


photo 4-1

DELHI by Josef Frank at Svenskt Tenn


photo 5-1

Another great shop in trendy Soder – Brandstationen


photo 2

Almost IKEA at Lagerhaus


photo 3

Shank of Reindeer + other pretty things at SPECERIET


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