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if you’ve bought a Tiipoi product that will come into direct contact with food, please hand wash and dry before use.

brass, copper

brass and copper are pure materials that will develop a natural patina over time if uncoated – i.e do not have a protective lacquer. We do not lacquer our brass and copper products if they are to come in conact with food. For uncoated/un-lacquered products we recommend FLITZ, a food safe, polish cream that can be used to remove any patinas. Apply small amounts of the cream with a cotton cloth and buff away. Do not allow the cream to dry out on the product.

remove stronger patinas using a homemade acidic solution of white vinegar and salt. Rise with clean water after. You can apply a layer of FLITZ to prevent the patina from returning. 

FLITZ food-safe polish

Flitz polish paste


clean using a damp cloth. Prevent your wood from becoming dry by coating with a thin layer of beeswax and olive oil mixture, roughly in a 1:4 ratio. 

lacquered metal 

clean using a damp cloth without any chemical liquids or abrasives. 

aluminium, glass

hand-wash as normal. 


dry-clean only

Some of out products are made by smaller production units. There is always an element of finishing products by hand. At Tiipoi, we welcome marks of the handmade process rather than reject them. If you find irregularities in the product, these are from the production process and do not reflect the integrity of the material or of the product. We use only the highest quality of materials. If you are not happy with your Tiipoi product, please contact us and we will be happy to replace it for you.



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