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Cast Brass Candleholders



DIYA is our tribute to the small palm-sized terracotta oil lamps you find all over India and also references the heaviness and elegance of south Indian brass oil lamps. These stackable cast brass candleholders are made using a sand-casting process and feel heavy and smooth to the touch. Sold as a set of two, they hold a candle one side and a tealight the other. 

product details

Materials Cast Brass
Process Metal Casting
Dimensions Dia. 7cm x H 4cm

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We are a product design studio based between Bangalore and London.

India fascinates and inspires us. We think that there is more to Indian design than just sticking an elephant on it, and that Indian craft has more to offer than simply repeating the past.

India can seem a pretty chaotic place. But sitting there, quietly are some really incredible, super functional designs. The “designers” of these objects if they can be found at all, aren’t celebrated in the same way as they are in other countries. Instead design is seen as a bi-product of living. This unassuming approach, with an emphasis on a quiet functionality, is what inspires and drives our creative process.

At Tiipoi, we tell positive and insightful stories of a real India, that is changing and shifting all the time. We don’t want to tell nostalgic stories of its past. We prefer to look at what is happening right now, and highlight India’s role in contemporary design.

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