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Diaspora Co. Masala Dabba

Dabba with 7 Spices



The long awaited Tiipoi x Diaspora Co Masala Dabba is here! Made from spun brass in our Bangalore workshop by our metal spinner Venkatesh Chinappa, each dabba comes complete with 7 single-origin spices sourced from small family owned farms across the sub-continent. And as founder Sana Javeri Kadri proudly puts it, ‘the big, audacious dream was to grow a radically new, decidedly delicious and truly equitable spice trade.’

product details

Materials brass
Process metal spinning
Dimensions dia. 19cm x h 7.5cm
Capacity Comes filled with Diaspora glass jars of: Aranya Pepper 65g, Kandyan Cloves 40g, Sannam Chillies 65g, Pragati Turmeric 70g, Nagauri Cumin 55g, Makhir Ginger 50g & Nandini Coriander 35g

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In this dabba you will find 7 single-origin spices, with 100% traceability for each one. Diaspora Co pays its farm partners up-to 6x more the average commodity price and fosters long term relationships with each of them. Spices in this dabba include Aranya Pepper from Kerala, Kandyan Cloves from Sri-Lanka, Sannam Chillies from Andhra Pradesh, Pragati Tumeric from Andhra Pradesh, Nagauri Cumin from Rajasthan, Nandini Coriander from Gujarat, and a fiery Makhir Ginger from Meghalaya in the North East. For us here at Tiipoi, we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with, create, and sell a product by a brand that we strongly believe in, that mirrors our own values of how things should be be made today.

“The standard masala dabba, found in most Indian kitchens, is an unassuming, flat, steel canister with a lid. Inside, seven small circular containers, set in a floral arrangement, hold different spices. On the surface, there’s nothing remarkable about it.  But once the top comes off, the masala dabba reveals a heady paroxysm of colours and aromas.” Read more about masaladabba’s here on Diaspora Co’s blog.

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India fascinates and inspires us. We think that there is more to Indian design than just sticking an elephant on it, and that Indian craft has more to offer than simply repeating the past.

India can seem a pretty chaotic place. But sitting there, quietly are some really incredible, super functional designs. The “designers” of these objects if they can be found at all, aren’t celebrated in the same way as they are in other countries. Instead design is seen as a bi-product of living. This unassuming approach, with an emphasis on a quiet functionality, is what inspires and drives our creative process.

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