This is India sponsored by Indelust at the London Design Fair 2016 

22-25 September 2016

Curated by Spandana Gopal

As the curator for This is India my premise for ‘This is India’ is create a renewed and more intimate perspective of design from India today, as well its context. Historically, India never highlighted formal separations between the arts – and craft, architecture and design have always existed within a more holistic system of creation. Design exists as an open ended and evolving- where experimentation and fabrication happen simultaneously.

In the exhibition, we will play with notions of scale, material and process – to show the possibilities and the potential of being able to create bespoke pieces, where the combination of handmade and industrial processes provide a perspective of the possibilities of designing and making in India today.


Remote Control Smoke Machines

Design Junction 2015

24-27 September 2015

Alchemy : Material Obsessions

Vivienne Westwood, Corso Venezia, Milan

14-19 April 2015

Space & Light

Sir John Soane’s Museum, London

13 September – 3 October 2014



On Inclusivity and Design : Who is the audience for Indian design and how will that shape the future of India’s emerging designers?

Supertalks London Design Fair – This is India

23 September 2016 – 15:30


Talks at the V&A

On Identity : Where is Indian Design today?

Sarah Miller (Chair), Afroditi Krassa, Divya Patel and Spandana Gopal

24 September 2014

SAWCC: Modern Indian Design: Women Transforming Boundaries

Spandana Gopal with Priya Khanchandani

29 October 2014

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